aug 15th 2.26 , sept 14th 3.68,Oct 10 2.46 retest of the previous low

Since Oct 10th we are seeing we are seeing higher highs Oct 19th 2.91 ,Oct 29th 2.57

The crowning glory is the 50 day moving average has been taken out by the 20 day m/a

aside from seasonality volumes are increasing and shares are being held longer if you look at the share volume averages

This bodes well . Personally I traded in and out a couple of times and have come to the conclusion that my 7000 plus share will be permanant and I will ride this stock until the ceo on a confrence call suggests otherwise

I am convinced this companies management is prudent and is acting in the shareholders best interest

My strategy is to build  a larger position as progression of share price rises to give me the comfort of having the cushion of profits from earlier to help offset the dips in markets on the higher priced purchases

Over time I see this stock at 6.00 9.00 and 12.00 over the next 3 years

Just hope no one takes t out and spoils a potentual 4 bagger