Teck firing on all cylinders now...all my technical indicators pointing up!! (I use a 8 month chart) Very nice gap up and a nice bullish open candle, RSI turning up from a very over sold condition, nice MACD cross up, moving averages have a way to go before they cross over (5 dma $27.34, 21 dma $28.69 & 50 dma $29.43)...but they will.....what more do you want? Perfect entry point today for those that wish to buy and hold.


Of course the day traders and short term investors will exit here if the bought yesterday as the 50 dma is $29.43...thats resistance....and its all about support and resistance!


Once we get thru this $29.50 to $30.00 area we'll go higher....next resistance is $34.00ish. Time to start using an Elliowave count going up as this downtrend is over!!