As quoted from the Report on Business Magazine article posted......."Resurgent economic growth would boost commodity demand. But where would that surge come from?"........duhhhhh

Let me answer that.....from the approx 75 million (as of todays date, approx 50 million) new mouths to fill on this planet by years end!...proof attached.....

The resources of the world will only be worth more in the future.

I've been around long enough...and have seen it all's only a matter of time till Teck's chart turns around....I can wait with my 6500 @ $ I'm long. (honest full disclosure)

And yada yada yada....ya I shud have sold a loonnngggg time ago. I know how to read a chart. But I didn't and havn't. In the meantime I'm happy with the dividend. This wont turn around until the moving averages (and other indicators) say so (on the techincal side) nor will it (on the fundamental) side until profit improves.

The worst that would ever happen is Teck being bought out....a huge discount at this level...hell, even add a 40% permium or even 50% at this level is one hell of an investment.