Nothing is ever guaranteed... which is why they all use weasel clauses like the one on their disclaimer page...let's them say what they want, without being liable. Put this in context, if it can't afford to keep up the div, then it wont. It's simple, if you make no money, you can't pay any money, no matter how much they want to. So for now the div is safe, in the near term, and I hope and am optimistic they will maintain it for the long term as well, but to say that it's safe because it's on their web site is a little naive. 


By the same token, if things improve, they could also raise the dividend...they are not committed to they schedule or rates, these are merely 'forward looking statements'. 


Don't believe me? Take a look at the same web page from July 2011:


See that they actually raised the dividend since then, and did not adhere to the same rates they originally published...