I used to own PSN, but I'm out now after taking a bath.  You're right that TBE and PSN are not the same.  One is a service company and one is an oil producer.  So TBE has some bums in Q4 and management has already cut capital spending to ensure the dividend is safe.  We are now in oversold territory - big time.  Such is the current market lunacy, everything is over done. 


However, TBE does have one catalyst in waiting - the reserve update (here is from the NR of 1/31)


"Twin Butte anticipates releasing Q4 and year end 2012 financial and operating results on March 21, 2013. The Company further anticipates that the year end 2012 independent reserve analysis will be complete within the next three weeks and intends to issue a press release with a summary of such results at that time."


If the numbers are half decent, the nervous nellies would forget about everything and come back in droves.  If not, SP will be languishing in the dumps for a long time.  That's my take anyway.