Have seen a lot of crazy comments on these boards but this one takes the prize.  You said:

" You guys that bought in at under .20 and didn't get out at $10 are very greedy"  WHAT?????
Why do you invest your money in the stock market?  Obvious answer = to make as much money as you can!  If you are invested in a company (for which you paid .20 or .05 or .10 or $2.00 or whatever...) and it goes to $10 but you feel confident it will go to say $25 or even $50, are you going to sell at $10 "because you don't want to be greedy"??????????  Give me a flippin break mate!!!

You were commenting on the Dawg's post (and I'm referring to the REAL Dawg on this board JYD), saying "You can read all you want and it's not going to help" -- what the Dawg was trying to explain to you is that you need to do some real DD before you invest. - If you don't you are a fool.