Clear differences. NZ has wot? 4 Moki wells which they glorifiied and kept the real decline rates from public eye by obfuscation. TAG has over 20 successful wells and, while we do not know how the prodn is combined every qtr (at least up to now) they have at least, at least. 2,200boepd prodn, but since some of these have NEVER been in prodn we know they have somewhat more. TAG have been in NZ a lot longer than NZ and have never resorted to any slimeballs pumping their stock a la NZ! NZ diverted from their permit drill program and potential capex spend to the Origin purchase and TAG's use of capital has been much better planned,.As posters have said the TAG prodn profile is still to be fully tested but I personally have much more confidence in  TAG mgmt than I ever could garner for NZ (and this despite my prior post!).