crumplestiltskin...with all due respect, I never used the phrase "up to date" in my post. I indicated to Weeble that the Morningstar website had "more detailed information", and that phrase was in regard to Insitutional Ownership, specifically that of Paul Singer and Elliott Associates LP.

You raise a good point, up to date is the information that is found on various business and investing sites? Even the information posted on companies' own websites may become out of date between the company posting it and an investor reading it.

As for the number of TAO employees, I do not know how many there are right now...but would suspect that a lot of the personnel doing the work to drill, complete and run the well production, as well as those involved in trucking the production and building the infrastructure are employees of companies contracted to perform that work...and, therefore, not actual employees of TAO.

FWIW, that number (i.e. 11) is listed as the number of TAO employees on at least one other research site I consult. Perhaps Morningstar and the other site are both wrong, or perhaps that is actually the number of TAO employees.