>>>>So unless I've got this wrong even though TAG has been granted permits to drill these conventional wells at Sidewinder one local landowner has delayed drilling for over a year !

It is Sarah Roberts....she has been a total pain but after a long process is now largely ignored.  She has very little credibility.  Climate Justice Taranaki is also not taken seriously.   It is the usual suspects who hang out at every event with a sign whether it is save the Maui Dolphin or stop fracking, looking for their next cause. 


Tag learned a lot from Sarah Roberts and taking the time to jump through the hoops correctly on the East Coast has been a wise move.  The govt wants the royalties and needs the investment.  It will happen.....

I can't believe all the negative sentiment on this board....but I guess it is expected with people who only look at the next (or last) quarter.  As someone who is a long, I like to step back and look at the big picture and FWIW I like what I see.