Kevin Graham (it could not be THAT Kevin Graham!?) is just ranting on about the misaligned 6:1 ratio to get from gas Mcf to boe whether in Canada or NZ, or anywhere for that matter. No specific Company I am sure.. The old ratio represented as he says the thermal equivalents so that oil price could be assessed relative to gas price, and vice versa, but that went out the window years ago and, in fact, during a period some companies and auditors did change the ratio to 10:1 if I remember correctly as a way of expressing the price ratios only. Thus $3 gas would be equivalent to $30 on this price ratio basis but it still remains $3 to $18 in thermal energy terms, thus the return to 6:1 especially as the price ratio deviated even more. The 6:1 is easy to deal with, just multiply the reported  boe for the nat gas by 6 and the get the Mcf prodn which can then be multiplied by average price recd for the gas to get gross natgas revenue...Sorrt to ramble on but I just happened to be logged in and hence responding..mainly I also want to explain to jyd that I have absolutely nothing to do with his beefs with other posters but my beef with him remains the same: he still has not learned to understand the written word of other posters which makes his responses irrelevant I think in most instances...but then I do not want another war of words with him really.