Sidewinder Oil and Gas Field - 100% Interest

On June 6, 2012, TAG received consent to drill four new wells within the Sidewinder permit, which was subsequently appealed by one opposing party. Progress has been made and TAG expects the appeal to be dismissed and drilling operations to resume as planned.  A successful resolution is expected in Q3 of fiscal 2013.

So unless I've got this wrong even though TAG has been granted permits to drill these conventional wells at Sidewinder one local landowner has delayed drilling for over a year !

Now we are trying to obtain permits to drill what I believe will be conventional wells on the EC most likely to determine geology, technical stuff like permeabilty, perosity etc. and the hope is that we may not need to frack the shale to get production. Of course that's a big hope because I believe most shale plays require fracking although I could be wrong. I believe they refer to this play as being " tight " which can flow without fracking but only testing will tell us that. So what happens when we get these permits or even if we get them. I'm hoping that if we are only drilling conventional wells the permiting process should be straightforward but what about the landowners on that side ??? Again I don't even dare think what those people will do if fracking is required. 

No one here wants to think about this but I promise you others are !  

I love this story because it has the possibility of hitting $ 50 + but it also has the possibility of hitting $ 5 and I'm worried that the $ 5 will come before the $ 50

Anyone have any thoughts on this ?