The East Coast status was included in the NR. I agree that there is a lot wrong with mgmt and for me especially the way they do not advise investors in a timely fashion of what are very material changes (I have said it for years, ask Junkyarddog!) but you and I are not going to change them unless we make waves as in the election of directors. Who is going to rally an effective and decisive vooting challenge amongst those of us here. Regrettably one needs a body with both deep pockets and a reputation for challenging corporate deficiencies to get anything done...the system otherwise simply does not work to protect investor interests. We do not even have a definition of material disclosure, no real rules about the granting and pricing of options to make them other than risk free rewards to insiders, and rules like on other Exchanges that require companies to immediately publish details of options exercised. We just have to learn to trade on the coattails of the insiders without the benefit of these risk free options!!!