I agree that theri pronouncement have not constituted a straight arrow but as I just posted, they are changing the contribuor wells every darn qtr. In fact the ONLY wells that seem to have been on continuous flow over the last 4 qtrs were A3X, BH1, B3, and SW2 and SW4. They even took off C1 this last qtr and all of the SW 1 thru 4 have been on only the last Dec qtr and this last qtr...and B4ST was taken off this qtr as behind pipe though it was there the preceding qtrs. 

The boe sold for the last 4 qtrs have followed these well changes:

Dec 2011 Sold oil 89,227 and gas 97,309 boe

Mar 2102 Sold oil 131,664 and gas 32,193 boe

Jun 2012 Sold oil 101,880 and gas 32,193 boe

Sep 2012 Sold oil 68,178 and gas 80,592 boe

SW1 thru 4 both all shown as producing the Dec 2011 ans Sep 2012 qtrs but C1 was off that last qtr and that oil sold performance in Mar was characterised by both B5 and B7 being shown as on and then off in the Jun qtrs but B5 only on in Sep qtr. These things really shows us nothing much since we can only know they were in or out at the qtr end and don't know when the switches to turn them on or off take place. However, they do indicate that without  any of A1, A8, A9, A10, A11,12, B6,B7,B8,C2,C3 and C4 we are probably seeing 2,300boepd.

I also see they have the landowner consents for the pipeline build (at last). Here's to 2013 and more steady prodn flows from all wells. It is also gratifying the average natgas price remains well above the $4.02 last December.