Every quarter this company grabs a huge chunck of the profit, leaving zilch for the shareholders!!!! 

We MUST get Guidi out of there, and maybe the rest of his buddies on the board too.  Guidi is consumed by greed and has ruined every company he has touched.  I thought it might be different this time, but clearly it is not.  He is very shareholder UNfriendly.  Please, everyone, vote Guidi OUT (and some of the others) at the next opportunity.

Having a board of directors that continually spend their time exercising options and then selling all of them speaks volumes.

"...the Company generated a net profit for the quarter of $1.20 million (six months: $6.76 million) before deducting $1,499,954 (six months: $2,340,675) for non-cash share-based compensation..."