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TransAlta Corp T.TA

Sector: Utilities | Sub-Sector: Utilities - Independent Power Producers

TransAlta Corp is a power generator and electricity marketer. It owns and operates hydro, wind, geothermal, natural gas- and coal-fired facilities, and related mining operations in Canada, the United States, and Australia.
Price: $12.69 | Change: +$0.02 | %Change: +0.16%
Volume: 253,457 | Day High/Low: 12.81/12.64 | 52 Week High/Low: 15.05/12.43

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RE:cheap volitility

Past volatility is exagerated by the dividend cut. Future volatility should be lower  rate and reply
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cheap volitility

not sure what options prices are this week but a few weeks ago 13 $ strike puts were going for 60 cents and calls at 30 cents I think. The expiries are in december and past volitility shows 1.50...read more
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Lateast News - MSA vs. Transalta

Transalta reported that it was acting under the guidance of the MSA when doing the discretionary shutdowns. However, Transalta doesn't seem to have any firm evidence to support this and is requesting...read more
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RE:Recent Article on the MSA vs Transalta

The listen-in link from the AUC website doesn't work for me...  rate and reply
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Recent Article on the MSA vs Transalta

http://blogs.calgaryherald.com/2014/06/18/market-watchdog-vs-transalta-the-legal-wrangling-begins/ List-in on AUC site starts in 5 minutes http://www.meetview.com/AUCListeningIn/  rate and reply
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Buffett wants to buy renewables

Describing the company’s increasing investment in renewable energy at the Edison Electric Institute’s annual convention in Las Vegas yesterday, Buffett had to rely on a deputy, Greg Abel, to remind...read more
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positive article on wind and solar and Buffett buying these

http://www.firstenercastfinancial.com/news/story/58224-buffett-ready-double-15-billion-solar-wind-bet  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Precedent Set? $149M

Yers that's about and I believe BC hydro was involved also .  Here is a link: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/bc-hydro-transalta-owe-california-millions-us-judge-rules...read more
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RE:RE:Precedent Set? $149M

pai - thanks for the comment, this board seems to have lots of readers but few who make a comment. You comments only make me more perplexed at Transalta's actions. So, California needed power...read more
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RE:Precedent Set? $149M

No nothing is implied when they hand over 149m. It just means it's less expensive than going through the legal process. personally I think they should have left California in the dark. They asked for...read more
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Precedent Set? $149M

Transalta has voluntarily agreed to pay $149M to settle their power price manipulation case in California. Not sure what they reserved for this but a $149M hit can't be good for the company. Link for...read more
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Technical problem

Folks, My earlier post though still readable is strangely messed up by stockhouse. I composed the message in MS-Word and pasted it into the message like have done in the past. Must be a new feature...  rate and reply
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AUC Sets Hearing Date for MSA Investigation of Transalta

< folks,="" there="" are="" a="" couple="" of="" new="" articles="" relating="" to="" transalta's="" struggle="" with="" the="" msa.="" http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/industry-news...read more
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RE:As of Mid-Day Volume on TSX more than 2 time daliy average

Not sure DMR, but this quirky little article popped up in the Globe this morning: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/meet-the-canadian-contender-to-take-over-for-warren-buffett...read more
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As of Mid-Day Volume on TSX more than 2 time daliy average

Is there news that I missed? Big volume today.  rate and reply
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We hope he continues buying market(adjusted) discounted stuff up here ... He's got the $$, as well as many others.  rate and reply
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Good call! I picked up my F series back around christmas time - guess i got lucky. I felt the 6% yield was a good time to step in. Now that management has demonstrated it will cut the common...read more
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Few items on the Q1 results and Annual report

Slightly boring to look through the results, not much that is really exciting. The spike in revenues in the energy trading unit was certainly welcome news but generally considered to be a one time...read more
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Congrats to all who bought these preferred shares since my post on April 15. Up over 8% since then, with momentum!  rate and reply
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RE:More posturing- Re allegations

Comments on the quarterly results IMO: • Agree the Market seems pleased if share price is the indicator - It is. • Dividends paid for Q1 $84M Earnings $66M - Still paying out too much. • The lion's...read more