Yep, you covered it. Why its at 105Million MC... Well, its been said here before, but Stornoway or Major shareholders refuse to take responsibility. They blame the markets.. Its a case, when they could have blamed the global markets, they did, then they blamed the US Banking crisis, then they blamed the Euro crisis, recently they jumping on board, and blaming the overall mining sector. New Stock markets are on a roll, new highs every week. Reason mining companies may have an issue raising capital is due to themselves. They have created a mess, where investors lost loads of money, so very few investors are interested.. How many times can you cry wolf? I also have learnt my lesson. Will never invest in another exploration stock again, and I'm not alone. Stornoway should never never dropped to what its at now. Management should have had many crisis meetings and figure a way to retain its value. All Matt keeps communicating is we're moving our project forward but does not care on how the stock is performing. He knows that the majors will never lose money. Deals are always in place, as someone mentioned to reduce their overall cost and make a retun if its ever sold to another company. My biggest fear now is equity financing, and how many shares will be out there. It does not make a dffierent if the majors buy it all, its the strike price that should concern all minority shareholders. Lets be hopeful Matt & company do not burn us minority shareholders.