Roughly, SWY was going to pay $44 mil amortorized over 10 years at .063% for a two lane road . Now paying $77 mil amortorized over 15 years at .0335% for a single lane mining road. Upshot is that project will have road access to permit commencement of mine construction by 4th qtr 2013. The $77 mil is unsecured loan from Que. Gov. so does not impact on other financing in place ($100 mil). $77 mil plust interest to be paid from production revenue when mine is operational.

To me that implies the possibility of open pit mining earlier overall which means PRODUCTION possible sometime in 2014 while they work on construction of mine shaft for deeper resource with procedes from open pit production, which has been spoken of as a strategy in previous news releases to decrease inital CapEx expenditures.

Sounds good to me overall as another "de-risking" step toward an operating mine. The road has always been key as a milestone achievement.