I am a little sad to see the air card leave the brand but it was a step in the evolution.  Its been a long time since I posted as no news was always good news re SW IMHO.  When I saw the halt snooped out the Rogers news re their M2M strategy.  Thought it may be related. ?  Nadir Mohammed says that is where market is and it appears that SW is strategically positioned for this market.  My opinion is hold on to your butts think this is been a sleeper for a long time.  Anyways thanks for the great air cards over the years SW.  If you build it they will come !

Did I mention how happy I was that you were in Richmond BC and not Richmond Virginia.  !!!!

All the best and still long.  I been on the beach and got my boat and retired three times and still here.  I still have my first air card !  Maybe sell it on eBay as an antique or keep for a museum ?