Here's an extract from Friday's edition. GLTA


We ask our partner Russ Dratwa, “If you could only buy

one stock today, what would it be? He replies, “The past

couple of years have been one of the most complex times in

my 25+ year history to invest. It has truly been a case of the

“have” & “have nots”.

Those clients seeking safety & yield have done amazingly

well the past couple of years while those seeking pure

growth have been shocked at the pain that a bad market

environment can inflict. I have heard & seen little the past

few months that would lead me to believe anything will be

different for 2013 from what we saw in 2012.

I’m told by almost everyone I interview that most of the major

corporations have not been this “lean, mean & healthy”

since the 50’s but the major sovereign powers of both

Europe & the US continue to disappoint, and can potentially

drag down the corporate world, with how they are mishandling

their debt situations. Juniors will likely face cash challenges

in this environment.

One of the hottest sectors right now has been uranium as

we continue to “tip toe” for risk takers in the “have not” sector,

hoping to find some strong growth stories. One company

not in the uranium sector that has not disappointed us

(yet?) is one we’ve covered extensively for a couple of years

now & its future appears to be bright, Silvercrest Mines.

We sat down with COO Eric Fier of Silvercrest Mines yesterday

and we leave the meeting even more comfortable

with their growth prospects than we were before as this has

been one of the few companies in the speculative sector

which has not caused us any loss of sleep. One thing many

investors might not realize is that Silvercrest, at this stage,

is more of a gold company than silver but the pending resource

update that is due “any day” should shift Silvercrest

more towards silver. Eric tells us we will be pleased with

what he feels will be a 50 to 100% increase to their current


Management certainly believes in their own company as

they own 9% (refreshing) and tells us the $50m in the bank

gives them the stability many juniors don’t have the luxury

of, cash on hand.

When we ask Eric what their exit strategy might be, he

tells us who might be very interested in taking them out &

why along with the price he feels would be fair to both parties’,

which very much appeals to us.