Oh, I didn't say La Joya doesn't have value, that's you putting words in my mouth. I believe La Joya has value as does most everyone else here, in the long term I believe La Joya has a lot more value than does Saint Elena. I as Kevin and I'm sure there are many others would be thrilled if you would post the Cannacord report which you hold of their La Joya value. Your  post ( immediately below ) and Kevin's ( below yours ) will help you remember I'm sure.


10/18/2012 11:43:08 AM  |  | 265 reads  | Post #31672194

Cannacord assigns $2.58/sahre to La Hoya. SVL is a producer and an explorer so both parts have to be added up to get total value, otherwise if they sold off Santa Elena and dividended the proceeds, your calculation of the stock would be valueless.


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Do you have this report?  That is amazing.  So Silvercrest is doubling their production by 2014, will have almost no debt when the doubling of production occurs and an asset that has not been tapped that the analysts feel is worth more than the equity in the company.


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