Sure, they've got the goods, but it's in the wrong hands. What we know now is that their focus is not on building a mine, but on taking the money and run. 

Here's our friend otto again this morning: 

"The piece of useful, actionable information to come from yesterday's chain of events on SUE is that employees of brokerages are too damned lazy to read the regulatory filings. If I were a team leader in any one of the houses this morning, I'd be threatening the analysts in my charge with the sack if they didn't get off their overcomforted, overpaid, overfed buts and do the basic back reading on the companies they supposedly cover. The information on's bonus scheme had been on SEDAR an age, but nobody with buttons to push had read it, that's pretty clear. The bit I like about this is that lil me and lil you, us retail investors, can get an advantage over these $1000 suit wastes of space. Read the filings, people."