@BCsilver - Contrary to what BC residents might like to believe, they don't have many friends in the rest of Canada.  You're about as popular in Canada as you are in Washington state, and if you've been there recently it's comparable to a dogs hind end.  

As you suggest, BC could very well be successful in shutting down development of a pipeline to the coast but believe me, you won't like the end result.  BC will be the last place where anybody will want to invest money.  Nobody in their right mind is going to invest in some silver mine in the middle of nowhere in a jurisdiction unfriendly to business.  The real estate bubble that fuels your provincial arrogance will last only so long and when it stops growing or maybe even bursts your unproductive overpaid work force will have no work.  Then once again BC industry will be looking for subsidies and preferential legislation from the Federal government and the rest of Canada.  Next time though the Canadian taxpayer might not be quite as keen on plowing hundreds of millions into infastructure projects such as the upgraded Trans-Canada highway just to bail out the obstuctionists.