One way to combat BC and their attempt to stranglehold Candian oil, and to develop their own Asian LNG market in the process, is to apply tax policy on  the products they produce here in Canada.  Countervailing measues could be applied against their forest products industry for example.   All provinces have the capacity to manufacture lumber and building products but stumpage fees subsidized by government has  given  companies in BC a competitive advantage over those in other provinces.  Removing the disparity would level the playing field for all market participants and eliminate a friction of trade with the Americans that has carried on for over 100 years.  Another more punitive measure to help BC recognize that everyone can play their game, would be simply to apply an environmental tax on their lumber.  California has recently introduced such a tax and here in Canada it could be used for things like fighting the spread of the mountain pine beetle, restoration of habitat destroyed by clear cutting, or even global warming caused from deforestation.  BC can be obstuctionists, but then they shouldn't be surprised when others return it their way.