i know that the other call that you wanted to put on the record was with gold and siver, and you believe that both of of those are set up for a substantial rally. why not different this time withdeflationary forces coming from europe and china and a muchstronger dollar? what we are seeing is the data from the commitment traders report, and looking at the commercial traders and the noncommercial and the nonportable traders and they break it all down. we are seeing the levels of commitment by commercial traders that have paired the shorts down to such a low level that we have not seen this reading since 2001 and you remember gold bottoming at $260 in 2001 and starting agreat rally, we are seeing the same sort of expression ofcommitment from the commercial traders that we saw in 2001 and that says that we have a multiple year trend for gold andsilver at a time when people are rallying and hating them, andsaying that gold will nef go up gap and gold is for losers orsuckers, and that is the kind of attitude and muttering that is agreat marker for a historic bottom which we believe it to be, and gold has a lot more years the go up. and the clear calls, tom.thank you for sharing them with us. tom mcclellan, editor of themcclellan market report. have a great day.

Lumber Prices as Housing Indicator

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