Thanks for the CC transcript link, MrC & unlimited. Some interesting Q&A, this one caught my eye:

"We saw a few weeks ago a new [royalty] company, which I won't mention or name again publicly, but put out a press release saying they're buying a stream subject to financing and I would say good luck to them. I think they are into a very, very tough time and their shareholders are into a little bit of a rough time."

That wouldn't be America's Bullion Royalty (formerly Golden Predator) would it? I've been following them casually since way back when they had a JV with Alexco at Brewery Creek, and they don't look all that bad to me. Some good royalties on the books, safe jurisdictions, partnered with majors, a bit of cash in the bank and cashflow beginning next year.

Might be worth a flyer: When gold recovers these little guys are gonna fly, provided they can weather the slump. I don't consider them as a potential competitor to SSL, but as a potential complement. Sandstorm saw fit to buy control of NSR, and that looks way over-valued compared to where AMB is now.

Anybody here invested in (or even just following) AMB?