Months ago when SAND options started trading, I had some comments.  These centered around the positive of the availability to buy/sell calls and puts and the then negatives of low volume and high spreads even on the most popular options.  Well, it is very positive to see that the volumes have picked up and the bid/ask spreads have rally narrowed.  With SAND flirting with 7.50 in early morning trading, I was able to sell 10 Jun 7.50P.  The remarkable thing is that the b/a was flipping between .05 and .10.  This is excellent, especially when recalling the .20-.25 spreads 6-7 months ago.  With SAND down more than 50%, but revenues +15% Y-O-Y it just might be a good time to look at short term naked puts (when you have the cash in the account to back it up) and/or longer dated calls.  If I get put the shares in June, really don't mind buying at an effective price slightly under 7.  GL