"Not many people (including me) are denying there is much higher risk involved (mainly political) in this deal"

True, but as I tried to point out, I don't see political risk as the only - or maybe even the primary - risk involved here. What has made me uneasy from the start about OT is that this is the first time Sandstorm has gotten onboard with partners (direct and indirect) that I don't feel it can sufficiently trust. (O.K., maybe Entree, where management apparently spent the majority of their DD. But as we have already seen, they are also at the bottom of the chain of command, perhaps soon to be walking the plank.)

Otherwise, I agree with your outlook. In (less than) a few years this deal will be a fading blip on the radar screen, regardless of the outcome. An investor sometimes has to take the good with the bad. Now is probably a good time to reel in a few more shares for anyone who was waiting for low tide.

"He who cleans up all the dirt washes away happiness." - Mongolian proverb