lechon. I'm probably wasting my time responding but sometimes it's hard to resist. Clearly you missed the sell and move on part of my post so lets try again. Let me first refer you to your post of 19 Feb.

I too am around that range with a huge paper loss. I know this will take time to work itself out plus once gold starts to reflect how badly the central banks have f***d up the system we will recover and make new highs. In the meantime the company can't keep saying that the stock is selling off based on the gold price and not the risky deals they are entering! We need clarification now!!!

Two Points: 1. You stated that you are facing a huge paper loss. In order to have a huge loss, you must have had a huge investment which presumably you made because you believed in the potential and management of SSL. 2. You demanded clarification which NW has since provided including how they are mitigating some of the risks.  

Now you have two choices: 1. Accept what NW is doing and hang on (or average down on your SSL holdings). 2. Do not accept what NW is doing and unload your holdings. If as you state, you are worried that the company is going to lose millions of our money, then why on earth would you hang on to this investment.? And once you have sold, then you will no longer need to worry about the rest of us clowns who decided to ride out the storm. GLTA