I just find it curious that after all this time, Watson still does not get the degree of credit he deserves for essentially inventing the streaming model. Time and time again, supposedly well-prepared interviewers (see the excellent TFNN clip recently posted) seem surprised to hear that Watson was not merely the CFO of SLW, but its first employee and the primary architect of its business model.

Zen, Nolan Watson was the first employee at Silver Wheaton, hired as a controller, as has been mentioned many times. He sure is one of the best, if not the best, out there in the streaming business, but where did you derive the information that he invented this business model ? He was the first employee there, but who hired him ?


At the closing of the Silver Wheaton transaction, John Brough (President of Torwest Inc., a real estate development company), Peter Gillin (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tahera Diamond Corporation, a diamond exploration and development company), Wade Nesmith (associate counsel of Lang Michener LLP and former Superintendent of Brokers for the Province of British Columbia) and Ian Telfer (Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and a director of Wheaton) were appointed as the new directors of Silver Wheaton, three of whom are independent and unrelated directors. Eduardo Luna (President of Wheaton's subsidiary Luismin and former Chairman of the Silver Institute) was appointed as interim Chief Executive Officer of Silver Wheaton and Peter Barnes (Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Wheaton) was appointed as Chief Financial Officer of Silver Wheaton.