Mr C....No criticism of your posting the article intended. It was actually a fairly good summary, and - as you say - a good intro for prospective investors. I just find it curious that after all this time, Watson still does not get the degree of credit he deserves for essentially inventing the streaming model. Time and time again, supposedly well-prepared interviewers (see the excellent TFNN clip recently posted) seem surprised to hear that Watson was not merely the CFO of SLW, but its first employee and the primary architect of its business model. Now that he is re-inventing the streaming industry, I wonder if years from now the same will hold true.

But whatever. It just shows that Sandstorm still has a lot of upside based on market recognition - and potential EV/CF reset - alone, not to mention all its other price drivers. Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding. Or rather, the profit.