Not commenting on the quality of the company in the least, nor its future prostects,but who in their right mind would name a royalty company having the word Predator in it?  "Hi, desparate-for-cash miner.  I'm from the Golden Predator royalty company, I'm here to help!"  Seems to be the flip-side of Nolan Watson's vision of streamers of the future.

Sorry for the off-topic, but the name struck me a being out-of-touch.



It's OK!  Not sure why people get hung up on the name but I'm not the company so it certainly doesn't hurt my feelings.


Bill Sheriff, the CEO, is quite the aggressive businessman.  He took Energy Metals from tens of millions to a $1.8 billion takeover by Uranium One in a little over 3 years.  Predator is a tribute to his aggressively seeking out quality undervalued projects.  Research the company and you'll often find them being described as "good people".