Agreed Nolan did appear cocky and aggressive. Those traits I can deal with provided, they are channeled in a productive and respectful way. Were it irrational behavior I could/would not.

To my point the challenges in several situations with SND has me believe it grounded management to some extent and that we are not infallible.

Sandstorm is really the sum of all its parts (employees) and acts accordingly.

Although Nolan has the final say, doubt the green eyed greed monster has seized him yet :+)


I have known NW pre SLW and the NW I saw in the last video was not the same person .  I thought he was somewhat arrogant and aggressive . He was asked to speak on streaming . He didn't need the statement "now I'm going to talk about what I want to talk about " Not sure about this new direction either.....seems like discount house financing somehow. Just my 2 cents worth