See Zen's posting below.

If anyone posses's a great skill of research and is prepared to dig and post a link to Nolan's speech in London Dec 2012 it would be a great benefit for all to view.

I was about to suggest that anyone who missed Watson's Mines & Money speech from last week should immediately view it, and everyone else perhaps even re-view it. But Kewll2's original youtube link as well as the link from Sandstorm's website have been cancelled and now read "Sorry, this video is private". No further reason is given, but I can't help wondering if this unusually aggressive and provocative speech may have stirred up a hornet's nest within the industry. (Watson may have been well-aware his speech might have this effect. He seems - uncharacteristically - just a bit nervous just prior to his presentation, almost tripping on his way to the podium.)

Suffice it to say that Watson's call-to-arms, followed immediately by announcement of the ground-breaking Premier deal, may well be seen as an historic turning point for the company - and perhaps even the industry - a few years from now. We'll all need time to fully examine the deal and contemplate all the ramifications. But I think it's safe to assume that since Nolan Watson essentially invented the precious metals streaming model, his ongoing reinvention of it can only be good news for Sandstorm investors.