Just wanted to throw it out there that, my impression of this recent acquisition, the comment from Denver Harris and Nolan's new streaming model have me more optimistic than ever about this company.

Couple of points would like comment on:

1) With the hundreds of deals that Sandstorm has been through over the past 5 years. Are there good/great deals that we passed up because they were just to small to entertain. Do we now have a vehicle (Premier Royalty) to funnel all this previous hard work into and will it  fit into the new smaller business model. Is this a perfect fit in using this past work and adding tremendous value in fairly short order?

2) I have been actively following every news release and all media related to this company since inception and have never have I heard such "tough talk" or an aggressive stance from the company . Denver Harris was quoted recently in respect to the Premier Royalty deal as stating a new position of "divide and conquer". The hairs on the back of my neck stood up :+)

In addition to this and probably more importantly Nolan's video from December where he is reinventing yet again the streaming model,(watch if you have not) will this put us miles ahead of the competition.

I am projecting 3-5 years out but these amazing recent action items indicates to me that the gloves are off and we are now positioning ourselves to be numero uno.

Trendsetting, innovative, ability to adapt to each individual projects financial needs all shout win-win to me

Would love to hear others views on recent developments.