Not to be negative..  but I just went to US Debt Clock Site and Im still trying to figure out what is keeping the US dollar propped up.  Im no math expert..  but this is what I found.  Unfunded liabilities are as of today 122 Trillion dollars.  And we are now at 16.4 trillion dollars of National debt!! Debt per citizen is 52000$ per every man, woman, child in the USA.  And you have 48 million people on food stamps.  If you divide 48 by 330 you have roughly 15% of the US population on food stamps.  omg. 

The fiscall cliff is all about a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit every year.  For the sake of simplicity.  Cutting it down to 600 bliion dollars a year.  So this is the panic??? Not the 122 trillion dollars in missing money????   

BTW if you divide the unfunded liability by the amount of people in the USA you get 370000$ debt for every man, woman and child.  So to balance the books here you would need to stop all unfunded liability shortfalls every year.  So balance that monstrosity. Balce the full 1.2 trillion dollar national debt deficit (600 billion assuming the fiscall cliff goes through. 

So for easy figuring the ACTUAL us debt is 138 trillion dollars as of now. Assuming they don't lie.  I think they do.  Would you lie if you were in there position?  I would also.  To protect and give the people things they dont deserve. Taking advantage of the world reserve currency status.  To keep the peace. For now. This new budget is proposing having a 600 billion dollar defecit.  And the fiscall cliff is the reason to panick?????   Im assuming that unfunded liabilities have a shortfall of about 5 trillion per/year.  Just a guess.  It could be more.  I notice the info is not easily accessible on google.

 I took accounting and math in a joke course in college and I see a MAJOR problem here.  So the fiscall cliff is an actual real world math rough estimation is a  difference of 6.2 trillion in debt to 5.6 trillion in debt when you include everything.   Holly S@#t,  A 9% deduction in the defecit... lol   And these government accountants never take into consideration inflation and the rise in cost of future programs.  So for all intensive purposes a 6.2 trilllion dollar money printing party for 2013.  Same as in 2012.    Only in Washington could this be seen as a cut. I could be a bit off here.  The true numbers might be much higher.   Or a bit lower.  The mainstream media doesn't talk about this. Its not fashionable...  And people might actually start to be aware. You dont want that!!   Let them drink, eat, be entertained.  And gold is overvalued at 1650/ounce.    I don't know anymore.  Correct my numbers if you see misstakes.  This was just a bit of fun for me.