I need to travel more.  Sandstorm Gold has been up nicely two of the first three days this week.  We are on the Mariner of the Seas.  Today is a liesure day between golf days (Cozumel CC yesterday and White Witch GC in Jamaica tomorrow).  I'm at at internet cafe catching up on email, sports, and stockhouse.  Wasn't going to post, but with only one post all day...just can'r resist.  Thought December was going to be quiet for SSL/SAND, so this move to the mid 12s is very nice.  Keep in mind that 12 is sort of a key number since we need that close for a 100% return for the year.  Anything north of 12 is just gravy.  Assuming a roughly 12 clse for the year, I'm targeting 17-19 for YE 2013 (a 40-60% gain for 2013).  Everyone could make a case for lower returns or even much better returns.  But, as long as the powers that be continue to spend and print and we have negative true interest rates (almost worldwide), I'm going to target gold for ~20% annual increases (over a 4 year average) and IMO Sandstorm should outpreform gold by 2 to 2.5 to 1.  GL.  (P.S. I really don't mind the low posting volume recently...just as long as SSL/SAND keeps moving north.  Also, with the stock back over 12, I'm back to just a Buy rating.)