You guys know I'm about a month behnd since Sandy hit. I was just looking over some things and apparently both LUNA & SilverCrest have turned out to be 2 new deals, though I doubt many will see it that way. I recall adding a quote from Nolan in a post of mine that stated it that way. I was more updated on SilverCrest and just now seeing LUNA, I'' paste it:

The cost of the expansion is estimated at $43.2 million of capital expenditures as well as a $6.5 million contingency, for a total cost estimate of $49.7 million. The Phase 1 expansion is now targeted at an annual gold production rate of 100,000 ounces in 2013 and 125,000 ounces in subsequent years, which is an increase over the previous guidance of 100,000 ounces per year.


"The Phase 1 Expansion Project at Aurizona will increase Sandstorm's cash flow and is an important next step for Luna as they assess Phase 2 expansion", said Sandstorm President & CEO Nolan Watson. "Aurizona is Sandstorm's flagship asset and this capital contribution demonstrates our commitment to being a strong partner with Luna for years to come."


In accordance with Sandstorm's gold stream agreement with Luna, Sandstorm is entitled to purchase 17% of the life of mine gold produced from Aurizona, at a per ounce price of US$400.


so basically I'm seeing about 40,000 Ozs from just these two by 2014...what else  have I missed...I already know Au & Ag are in the beginning of a Historical reset in Price to levels only a few have mentioned, $5,000+ for Au and about a 17 to 1 Ag Ratio