we'll see just how long it will take when [if] this will make it to the Newz...so far a few are acknowledged, but soon, if not silently already, ALL countries will be lining up for Delivery....a Photo of your Gold is no joke.

I'll eliminate the part about China, Asia, ASEAN and those Tungsten bars...lots more

This [below] is the Tip of a rapidly forming Iceberg...will make December's Delivery month Historical

Which country will be the last to request Demand?....Bueller.........Bueller.................Bueller



November 10, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell


( the below, Germany got heated, as a big honcho from the Bundi tried hard to squelch the at first request, that turned into a suspicious demand...photos??? we don't want no stinkin photos

German Court Demands Bundesbank Audit Sovereign Gold Holdings 


Oct 22, 2012 – In an 'audit-the-fed' style effort, the court wants to ensure that the nearly ... The German central bank gold is safely stored in vaults in Frankfurt, New York, Paris and London. ... has demanded that the Bundesbank undertake an audit of its gold reserves. ..... Imagine all other countries follow suit like Germany!

The Germans Are Coming to Count Their Gold - Moneynews 


Oct 25, 2012 – Germany withdrew most of its gold holdings from the Bank of England ... the euro, and now German government auditors want proof that its remaining ... of the country's remaining gold reserves in London, Paris and New York.

Austrian Press Agency cites GATA in report on possible audit of Austria's gold



12:43p ET Monday, November 26, 2012
Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:
The Austrian Press Agency today cited GATA at length in its follow-up story about the status of the Austrian central bank's gold and the possibility of an audit. The story has been published by the Austrian national newspaper Die Presse in Vienna --
-- and as well as by other Austrian news organizations:
A translation of the APA story by our friend the German freelance journalist Lars Schall is appended.
CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

Gold War - All Hell is Breaking Loose in Nationstate Money Extractions

This report sounds like bad news...Germany is increasing it's rightful demand to have it's gold back...somethings got to give.

Here is the Link and Article:


Central Bank Gold Rehypothecation Scandal to Take Gold to $5,000/oz

By Jason Hamlin, on November 24th, 2012

By Jim Willie

- The battle is on for delivery and verification for official gold accounts
- Evidence grows that much of it is gone, and when demanded, replaced with urgency
- It is soon to transform into a global gold war
- The German Govt gold demand to the London and NY City bankers represents a big escalation in the gold war
- The central bank coordinated QE to Infinity has brought questions of gold account location and integrity
- The Allocated Gold Account scandal is a natural event to follow the LIBOR banker scandal
- QE3 will assure a gold rise past the $2000 mark, but the new scandal will take the gold price to $5000
- The powerful gold factors are aligned and in place, led by permanent ZIRP and unlimited QE

A nasty Golden Harp could soon have its cords plucked, with the resonance working to shake loose the bankster cover of improper illicit duplicitous and probably highly illegal usage of Allocated Gold Accounts. When diverse scattered accounts are pilfered and depleted without authorization in Switzerland, resulting in several multi-$billion class action lawsuits in Zurich, all kept dutifully out of the news, that is one thing.