Joyinv,  Give a look at TD Ameritrade.  Many deep discount brokers will not allow trading of foreing stocks that have 5 letters that end in "F."  Some will not allow a transfer in and some charge 1/2%, or more, extra for stocks under 1.00 (ex. Scottrade).  TD Ameritrade (my son is a broker/manager with them) charges 9.99 (or 9.95) for any number of shares.  I have an account at TDA where I only buy SAND, STTYF, and SAND wts.  (mostly STTYF).  They let you sell bid/ask even on the mall OTC stocks.  I frequently buy STTYF at, or near, the bid/ask mid-point and sometimes lower.  Speed has been very good. I'll usually buy 10-50K of STTYF at a time.  If a large order, recommend a limit, day order either early in the day or before 1-1:30 CT, if the price has dipped and you want to get in.  Any other questions, please considering PMing me.  GL   P.S. With the price over $12, I've gone back to a BUY on SAND/SSL.