Any stock worth it's salt will always come back to show the market that it is for real.  Sandstorm will do the same, of that I have no doubt.  Some folks with clout short stocks just because they can, and there is nothing you can do about it except watch, and buy near the bottom.  Some stocks deserve to be pounded, and they don't recover.  They are common in the penny world, and even orchestrated runs without real backing are often smashed because a little research shows that there is only a story behind it, and not much more.    El Gindy ran such a ring, and ended up in jail for it on the US side back many years ago.  Perhaps the recovery time is not quite as quick as the smash, and perhaps some things said were factual, like the market cap being quite a bit over market value, but then again, with streaming companies, the business model really puts the risk factor on the miners being financed.

The only thing I am certain of in my mind is that as this company grows and consolidates it's hold on it's streaming position amongst it's competitors, the owners of the stock and their long term outlooks will far outdo the short-sightedness of Carmer and the likes who play the markets for their own gain, usually very short term.   As one poster mentioned, Royal Gold took a pounding as well for no reason other then that it was an orchestrated takedown.  Take a look at a 10 year chart for Royal Gold.  Note where Sandstorm is in price  comparison, and then look at where we are going.  That's the future.  Ya gotta love it!

Have a nice weekend, and cheers to all.  Happy US Thanksgiving to our American friends as well.