I would argue that the smart money is buying the SSL.WT warrants. 1 extra year of time to expiration and virtual zero time premium.


Now if you look at the $10 warrants, the time premium is roughly $1. So, if there was a $3 warrant then its time premium s/b roughly $0.15 (if there was a $7.50 option then I'd expect a 50 cent time premium, a $5 option then a 25 cent time premium and if a $2.50 option then a 12.5 cent time premium). But the expiration on SSL.WT has an extra year so the time premium s/b at least 25 cents. Ok. Maybe 25 cents is high but zero is certainly too low. 


So IMO the smart money is buying the SSL.WT instead of the SAND options.


Counter arguements?