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Sandstorm Gold Ltd T.SSL

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold
Primary Symbol: V.SSL
Alternate Symbol(s): SAND|V.SSL.WT|T.SSL.WT.A|T.SSL.WT.B

Sandstorm Gold Ltd. is a resource-based company that seeks to acquire gold and other precious metal purchase agreements ("Gold Streams") from companies that have advanced stage development projects or operating mines.
Price: $5.95 | Change: +$0.17 | % Change: +2.94%
Volume: 483,600 | Day High/Low: 5.95/5.73 | 52 Week High/Low: 8.78/4.17

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Sandstorm Gold Ltd. Back Under One Roof; Acquisition Of Sandstorm Metals & Energy  Sandstorm Gold has agreed to acquire Sandstorm Metals & Energy in a deal that values the company at C$49...read more
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RE:RE:Reaction To The Deal

Mark - Thank you for the well written courteous explanation pertaining to your thinking on the take over by SSL.   Using technical analysis almost excusively, I have to admit that I never researched...read more
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Where have all the cheerleaders gone

Long time passing.... I called the short at $9 about 12 months ago and covered at $4.88. I am calling a short again.  Pile od doodoo!!! IMHO of course. Mark P was all over me about it then but I...read more
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What's the big stink? As I posted on the SND board something had to happen. Back in Dec with CSI on the ropes and DON already on the canvas, my thought was, the time was right back then. The full year...read more
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Y we mismanged SND so we were able to pick it up cheap?  The street really cant have alot of real confidence in this team. Sure it will run with gold and they will attract traders but not investors...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Conference call for acquisition of SND

how is this robbing peter to pay paul?  management has a lot more of their net worth tied to Sandstorm Gold than Sandstorm Metals.  not everything is zero sum - this seems to be a mutually beneficial...read more
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RE:RE:Conference call for acquisition of SND

I agree as this was a bad deal at these prices. Rob from Peter to pay Paul and the shareholders take it on the chin. When will managements in the gold sector start thinking about not buying distressed...read more
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RE:Conference call for acquisition of SND

Those are some pretty loose assumptions to come to a net acquisition price of $22M for SND.  In any event, lets agree for the moment.  In that case, SSL shareholders still have paid 6x revenue (not...read more
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RE:Reaction To The Deal

KC8 - keep in mind that 2.3 million warrants are expiring tomorrow (today for cashless payment) so I would imagine that's behind a lot of the selling pressure.  Nolan mentioned during the call that...read more
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Reaction To The Deal

The market has spoken in regards to this deal, and I am not surpised by the outcome. The MacD is at the point of crossing into negative territory for the first time in many months. On the sidelines...read more
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Conference call for acquisition of SND

Looks like SND will be the first and last Commodities streaming company for long time Mark: Good Qs .. . good to know about the warrants positions.  For those who did not listen in .. let me try...read more
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RE:Terrible Timing on Deal

There is a positive note from China. Physical delivery from vaults continue to set records. Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) Gold Delivery From SGE Vaults Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) Gold Delivery...read more
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Terrible Timing on Deal

SSL also hit some very bad luck on the timing for the deal with POG still keeping a bearish posture. Last year Shanghai gold traded a premium to North America. Since maybe roughly Feb of this year...read more
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Terrible deal

If I wanted to buy in to that dead duck I would have.  I always thought it was a blessing that I choose to get in to SSL and not SND since managment's decisions seemed to be much worse on that company...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Merger Deal

The deal is postive for SAND.  Longer term 2-5 years, this will add steadily to the bottom line, and give SAND some tax shelters moving forward.  Nice pickup on the cheap. Van  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Merger Deal

call me crazy or drunk on hopium but this deal is growing on me!  They put together a pretty brief summary of the proposed merger on their website and I also looked at SND's most recent financials...read more
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RE:Merger Deal

I am not so eager to hate on the deal - BUT I am definitely interested in this call tomorrow.  SND is worth more as part of SSL than as a stand-alone.  In addition to the royalty revenue, there's also...read more
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Merger Deal

I was very impressed with the company and management a couple years back.  After the consolidation the stock was a fast mover with a number of analysts issuing buy recommendations. I was fortunate to...read more
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RE:RE:Sandstorm Gold Announces Plan of Arrangement to Acquire SND

Does not look good on the surface for sure. Big premium for non-performing assets.  I wonder how much carry forward losses there are that SSL can use against its income.  Now that the focus will be...read more
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RE:Sandstorm Gold Announces Plan of Arrangement to Acquire SND

Ouch! 49 million bucks for a 4 million dollar annual royalty revenue as of right now. I cant say i'm to impressed with this at all. Plus dilution.  rate and reply