Where is goons delisting review post? The title on the snapshot page is there but the post won't open. Oh well ... don't need to read it anyway ..... it is has been obvious for some time now that the end is a distinct possibility.


Oh .... and paleeese don't give me any B.S. about it being a SH glitch boys.


Would Lanny9 please tell us which alias he is posting as now? I wonder if Coish is looking in from his 3 clawed lobster farm. How about Franix "the religious policeman from Florida"? Will he be here to witness his "ultra pump" gone awry?


This board has pumped FL pumped for Platinum, Palladium, Blue Diamonds and other natural resources for as long as I can remember. And now a sad fate might await what has been called on this very board "the largest polymetallic discovery on the face of the planet" (or something like that).


One thing about it. I did learn how despicable people can be from this board. Thanks to the entire "James Gang" for the lesson in the human condition.