Overall a very good year for Superior.  

Interesting Notes for the quarter.

Speciality chemical volumes were lower, as demand for chlorine dropped.  On the opposite side the decision to upgrade to Hydrochloric acid production was a the right choice.  THe total spent in the upgrades and adding 15 million to the balance sheet to combat the CRA, allogations caused a small tick up in the debt per EBITDA.  Here on out it will continue to go down.  (unless more capital spending occurs, but I doubt that will happen) The warm winter last year affected oil demand to the downside as oil tanks were not completely empty.  However, this winter was substaintially colder than the prior, so next year more than likely we will see heating demand increase as tanks

1.73 per share was in the upper range of the 1.45-1.80 predicted.  a full 5% better than last year.   The fact that they were able to make more money selling less product shows that they are selling their product for more money.  (better margins)  Can't wait for the HCL production to come online.   Overall I am very happy with how this company is managed.  They are making all the right decisions to improve shareholder equity.   the next few years look very, very promising.