I didn't say $15 this year ,  over time maybe 2 yrs,   and I doubt it will have a 4% yield.  They cut the dividend in half last year,  replaced top mgmt,  right in the middle of tax loss season, that was your buy point,   as they resolve their debt ratio issues the dividend will increase.  Buy 'em when they hate 'em , sell 'em when they love 'em.  Remember this stock was a $30 once,  investors are fickle.

 This is a company with a near monopoly in their primary business a expanding chemical business and a 2nd derivative play on U.S housing that is now in recovery.  The worst is far behind it.  New mgmt will do what they say and the market will gain confidence in Superior.  If you hate the stock then sell it GWP,  no point in holding something you feel that way about, lots of stocks out there.