That is just it...they likely won't get rid of Broda...and is no different than if you have to make life style changes. Part of changinging is changing the company you hang around with! And I don't think this will happen here because of the internal corruption....most of the upper management in this corporation cover each others backs as they fill ther how many shares did the new CEO get to sign on? lots. He will cash them in in a few years and go with a huge bag of money again just as the last few have; another is this Martineau guy he is back to refill his bag...he doesn't even report his shares as an insider trading....(and there is this other guy his replacement....the guy who works from his boat all summer long...Totally against the company code of ethics. also I am not sure how he gets around the SEC with his antics.

Your quote "The company is plagued by confused and aimless leadership with no real plan or leadership." you are 100% correct, but I get the feeling this plague won't change because it is internally fueled by the corruption....the only way it will change is preasure from the share holders or maybe some action from the SEC.