Pretty hard to see this co shares double? Even with the backlog....this co has a habit of doing work for no profit..i.e. these guys can have all the backlog they can get...means nothing if they make no money.

As stated in an earlier gets rewarded for logging backlog...but they don't have a clue how to execute the backlog to make a profit. Following is a statement made by the new CEO...remenber he is a oil experience in construction. Doug has been givin somewhere about 150,000 shares as a signing bonus... in a year or so as he shows the shareholders he doen't know how to make money he will cash them in and run...just like the last few CEO's have done.  Also this martineau guy doesn't seem to be reporting his insider trading and or shares....another corupt filling his pockets. Share holders don't know how much he cashed in on and ran with when he previously left? Now they brought him back and how many shares did they give him to take when he leaves again? 

"Welcome to the Churchill Corporation’s website.

My name is Doug Haughey and I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve as Churchill’s Chief Executive Officer.

Coming from the western Canadian energy infrastructure industry, it has been a smooth transition into my new role with Churchill. The businesses have some key similarities, particularly around a vital focus on customers and their requirement to plan, design, engineer, fabricate, construct, commission and maintain large infrastructure assets. Working together, David and I look forward to refining Churchill’s strategic positioning, improving the focus on operations and project execution and rebuilding shareholder value."

one has to call a Spade a Spade.