Yes Saskclever you are 100% right....Dougy is another failure following in Houck's I stated in an earlier thread....the corruption has to get cleaned out......and this looks like Doug is included. It is the same old same old....BS the shareholders and fill your pockets as you are doing it, i.e. I bet Doug got a huge number of shares plus cash to sign on....he will Bs the shareholders for a year, sell his shares and run (as did Houck).

Why are they keeping this Ron Martineau guy...(to draw money from the coffers?). He is another useless that retired about a year ago and now they brought him back to soak up some more money...him and a few other managers need new boats (portable offices) to sit on the water fishing and try managing from the lakes.....

I think the instiutional investors need presure from there clients to demand better....have you noticed that Doug and Darrel would only take questions from instiutional investors after there report?....why is that? are household investors chopped liver? are they afraid to here the facts?

In my opinion untill they skid the corrupt incompetent deadweight the shareholders will there fill there pockets and lose money.