When the lawsuits start and the RCMP dig up more information and we know the construction history in Quebec has been shady for years watch what is going happen to SNC.  Books will be seized company will be frozen from doing business stock will drop like Sino Forest.  What if the TSX is forced to halt SNC Lavlin from trading to clear up the mess.  They are heavy investigating the construction industry in Quebec arrests have been made.

 More coming in the near future sit back enjoy the movie.  Get pop corn and comfortable chair. 

How can you have 55 million missing, and board is " saying I don't know what happened ". I can tell you one thing these campers are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

The other thing you can't play dumb with other peoples money it will bite you in the as* in the end. The people running SNC never realized or thought that the money they gave away freely belonged to shareholders.  Not for one moment did they realize this.  These filthy criminals that were elected to run and manage this company sat at the quietly at  board of directors meetings, hoping it would all go away.  But it didn't go away  and janitor could not sweep it under the mat.  They are playing everyone again by saying guess what shareholders we have discovered some criminal activity in this company and we want the police to know we are doing the right thing now since we got caught with our pants down or to say our hand in the cookie jar one too many times.