You are quite a piece of work.  Always on the right side of the trade aren't you.  Dead cat bounce, going back to $2.20 but miraculously you are back in on the run up. You always choose your spots.  Disappeared the other day when the dead cat bounce didn't seem like it would happen. Stock dropped a little and out you come with an inane post.

Management delivered another million ounces at over 4 gpt.  What were you looking for 2 million? What is your definition of not delivering? This was only one area,  what about the entire resource update coming soon?  1 million ounces in most cases is a company maker but it's only a 10% increase in resource for SMF. Too bad.

You have never made any comment about the $110 million 4th quarter? Never a comment of the greater than 95% recovery or the grade.  You sit around on your beach chair in the Bahamas and pick scabs.....or are you Swedish this week?

Your $2.20 call was nothing more than BS luck. You can't find information on the company website regarding the current resource yet you can accurately call the bottom. "10 million oz where do you get your info" The same place a guy that has the ability to call bottom would find it.

A sophisticated investor spends his time posting on a bulletin board? Quite an actor really. People are not mad at you, they just can't believe you are such an idiot. Give me my first ignore.